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Mad Max and the Beastie Boys


Hey, RVers! This is Robin, a long-time fellow traveler on the road of adventure. The truth is I live, eat, breathe and bask in the RV lifestyle, and only feel truly alive when I have spinning wheels moving me forward. So I thought I’d use this new blogspace on to share with each of you my thoughts, joys, and favorite places to visit in an RV.

 First off, let’s talk about how I’ve been RVing with my dogs, Scamp and Rambler, and our plans for the last few weeks of what has been a great summer. Is there anything as glorious as an endless expanse of black ribbon highway unwinding before you on a sunny August morning? I’ve chosen ‘Max’ as the nickname for my classic 1991 Airstream, in honor of Mad Max – The Road Warrior. Together, Max and I and my two beasties are on a decade-long mission to discover America. Not with a GPS or mapbook, but with face-to-face interactions with all my friends in the RV community.

 The goal for me and my travelin’ crew is to visit state parks in all of our great 50 states before I hit the big four-oh. So far, we have 32 states down and 16 more to go. And we’re not about to let this summer’s heat wave slow us down. My best friends under the scorching sun have been my Brisk Air AC unit and portable ice maker, both from Dometic, and my Waring Tailgater blender. This terrific threesome keeps us cool, whatever the weatherman says. They have been a real heat-buster for all of us.

 As you know, the kind of heat we had this summer can be really dangerous for pets on the road, but my air conditioner keeps the dogs cool inside the RV, and they really enjoy ice cubes in their water bowls as a special treat. Sometimes, I even slide a few cubes across the floor, just to watch Scamp and Rambler chase them around before chomping them up!

 And as for that blender…let’s just say we need to devote a future post to my favorite RV cocktails and cooking recipes!

 Well, my next stop is the beautiful state of Kentucky, and a place they call Red River Gorge. I hear they have some great hiking trails there, and you can even book a zipline tour. Looks like this Robin will be flying soon! Max is all gassed up and rarin’ to go, the dogs already have their noses out the window, and we’re ready to take on the Bluegrass State. Maybe we’ll see you there!

 If you have a chance, drop me an email and let me know where your road leads you. ‘Til then, settle back in your driver’s seat…stretch your leg to the gas peddle, and let’s hit the road together!

 Livin’ the love,