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On the Road to Thanksgiving


Hey, fellow RVers! It’s Robin again, writing from the road, so you can continue to be part of my travels.

Sad to see another spectacular summer melt away in a flutter of soft breezes and changing leaves. Every season writes its unique signature on the land as it rolls past my driver’s side window, and too often we fail to appreciate the beauty of each transition. That’s a shame, because seeing it first hand is so much more powerful than watching the nightly weather report on your big screen TV.

Where some see driving as a chore, I have to confess that I come alive behind the wheel of my trusty Ford truck pulling Max, my classic ’91 Airstream. As most of you know, I hit the highways with my two dogged doggies, Scamp and Rambler, who have marked their territory from California to the Carolinas. Like little children, dogs get up-close and personal with the great outdoors, and you can’t help but smile watching them run and play. I’m pretty sure they see me as their private chef and chauffeur, but they sure are fun to travel with.

So far this year, I have added Utah and Arizona to the growing list of states I have visited, along with return trips to Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Kentucky. Still planning to visit all 50 states as item number one on my bucket list.

But with Thanksgiving a few weeks away, it’s time to start planning my trip back home for the Holidays. Although I’m based out of Nashville, I actually hail from the Northeast (which explains my strange Massachusetts/Tennessee accent.) So I’m readying Max for a road trip for Thanksgiving with my family.

Scamp and Rambler have my parents wrapped around their little paws. All they have to do is sit quietly with pleading eyes, and my Dad will ‘accidentally’ drop pieces of fresh baked turkey into their greedy little maws. Mom will fuss at him, but she sneaks her own Thanksgiving tidbits to the beastie boys when she thinks nobody is looking. As for me, I just love to watch all the cooking craziness that spills over in our kitchen during the Holiday season.

This year, I’m giving my sister Judy and her husband Sean an early Christmas gift. I’m letting them borrow Max for a much-needed road-trip to mark their 17th Wedding Anniversary. My brother-in-law has a week’s vacation coming and I’m letting them take the RV up to New Hampshire for a second honeymoon, while fun old Auntie Robin gets to spend a whole week spoiling my three pre-teen nieces.

I plan to stock Max with a bunch of hidden surprises for Judy and Sean, like a new Dometic S28 Soft-Sided Cooler filled with two bottles of Korbel champagne, and a sweet sampling of Godiva chocolates. That should help bring out the romance for them, while I reconnect with my family for ten fun-filled days.

If you’re also heading home for the Holidays, please be careful on the roads. Winter driving has its own challenges, especially in the Northern states.

Before I sign off, I want to thank all those who have written in to share their own road stories or driving dreams. My RV friends are the best!

Livin’ the love,


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