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Gorgeous Gorge


Hey, fellow RVers! This is Robin, a long-time traveler on the road of adventure.

I’m not one who sets off on a journey to get away from it all. I hit the road to get connected! Connected to the beauty of this great land of ours…connected to other RVers…and connected to that restless spirit in my soul that cries out for freedom and fun. And of course my travellin’ dogs – named Scamp and Rambler – keep me connected to my silly side with all their crazy animal antics. These two beasties love when I fire up the grill for some of Robin’s famous Cheeseburgers Extraordinaire (I’ll share my secret recipe in a future blog!)

My latest excursion was to Red River Gorge in Powell County, Kentucky. Scamp and Rambler took me on a hike through some beautiful woodland trails. Actually, they scamper ahead and then turn back at me with pleading looks to catch up. But hey, they have four legs and still have traces of their old puppy energy, while I’m a thirty-something with a backpack, making my way up the hill on two less lively legs. Tough to be pitied by your pets.

Along with hiking under a sweet smelling canopy of white pines, hemlock and sugar maples, Red River Gorge also features rock climbing and zip line rides for the true outdoor adventurer.  And you MUST visit Natural Bridge – a 65-foot-high sandstone arch in nearby Natural Bridge State Park.  Awesome photo ops there. Just look at all those great fall colors!

And while I’m visiting the Bluegrass State (it’s not really blue grass, you know), the dogs and I may hop down to one of the many corn mazes that spring up this time of year. When the corn grows high enough, they use GPS devices and satellite technology to carve really intricate mazes through the fields. It can be surprisingly disorienting to weave your way through the tall corn stocks, never knowing which way to turn. A fun treat for kids and adults this Halloween season.

Speaking of Halloween, I bought a new costume for Max, my classic 1991 Airstream.  Actually, it’s not really a costume, but a beautiful new Dometic awning* installed by my dealer. The colorful fabric really offsets Max’s shiny silver skin. To me, a nice awning is like adding a porch to your RV, making it the ultimate comfort, inside and out.  With a comfortable chair, my Dometic cooler*, Weber grill* and a chilled margarita, life is nothing short of spectacular.

For those of you who wrote in, Max (named after Mad Max – The Road Warrior) is a 1991 60th Anniversary Limited Edition. One of only 60 that were made. I enjoy the envious looks I get at the Airstream rallies I attend across the country.

With the advent of autumn, I’m thinking of heading up to New England to take in the spectacular fall sights. The changing leaves always set my heart free. Will keep you posted on where I end up.

If you have a chance, drop me an email and let me know where your road leads you. ‘Til then, settle back in your driver’s seat…stretch your leg to the gas pedal, and let’s hit the road together!

Livin’ the love,


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